I have worn many hats in my life: record shop assistant, van driver, teacher, actor, director, lecturer, arts centre manager, business development manager, business owner. I have been involved in the development of people and businesses for over thirty years. I was one of the first accredited professional coaches in the UK.

As a poet, storyteller, teacher and coach I work with people and organisations helping them find their path for growth and development.  I draw on a variety of sources from Western and Eastern approaches to growth, including working in Peru with the teachers and shamans from the Q'ero Indians who live in the high Andes Mountains. I created and now run ‘The Four Seasons’ programme; a year-long exploration of how story, place and wild land can signpost the direction we need to take individually and collectively. As a personal coach I often use work outside in the countryside as part of my coaching programme with clients.

A fellow of the RSA and the CMI, I have facilitated leadership and coaching programmes for a variety of businesses and organisations as well as teaching in a number of University Business Schools and at events in the UK, China, Africa, the Emirates and in Eastern Europe. I created the successful Yorkshire Leadership Programme, “one of the best, cutting edge, personal development days in Yorkshire”.

 I am co-author of ‘Alchemy in a Shoebox’ (for the Alchemist’s Foundation) and a collection of poetry, ‘Occupying My Ground’ (Pontefract Press).