Below are details of my books to date. If you would like to purchase a copy of them please get in touch through my contact page


A collection of poems and accompanying illustrations.

It is my exploration (with the help of two willing artists) of where I live both physically and metaphorically; a journey to find out what it would be like to occupy my own ground with positive intent, to break out of my own reverie and explore the streams that flow and merge through my life and experience; my own sense of what ‘place’ means for me and how that helps me build a bridge into the world as it is today. 




A book about Leadership, Community and the alchemy to make an impact. 

The emphasis of this book is on talking and one-to-one listening above silent reading and writing. This is because these are the more ancient skills and are the ones which are fast flooding away. The other equally important focus is on the need for action above hesitation - the message is that deadlines are lifelines. The authors are ambitious - they wish to change the world and this book of stories is a part of their plan.