We offer two activities as part of our Mirror of the Wild programme

The Four Seasons Programme

An engagement with story, place, nature and the wild

Four one-day gatherings spaced through twelve months with a half-day in between each as we explore the circle of the year.

Through a series of practical activities you will get the opportunity to:

  • Learn some techniques you can use on a daily basis to live a conscious and mindful life

  • Delve into a variety of old stories from the British Isles, Europe, Siberia, Central Asia, The Middle East, Japan and Turtle Island

  • Understand and share our own life story and where it is going next

  • Take part in a new kind of conversation – a conversation for change

The Mirror of the Wild

A One-day Programme

This one-day programme provides a practical introduction to how we can use myth and story to reconnect us with each other, nature, the wild and a sense of place.

This programme is not about story as entertainment or illusion (though it has fun in the storytelling!) but about how we can use the stories and narratives we hear and tell as a way to make changes for ourselves and with others.

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And now a new addition.............A Four Seasons Walk!

Wednesday 27th September 2017

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park10.00am – 3.00pm

A day out in nature – walking with others, listening to a story or two and creating the space to relax and think clearly.

This day aims to provide something a little different from a regular walking group. Here you will have the space to pause and reflect using the natural environment, the stories you are told by the storyteller and the simple mindfulness activities you are invited to participate in. It is a unique combination and people have found it very helpful in many different ways, applying their thinking back in their own lives and work.

Once you have experienced the day, if you wish, you can continue your journey through the four seasons by joining the Four Seasons group, meeting for further events and going deeper through a variety of online resources and ‘virtual campfire’ meetings. It is up to you.

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